Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Be a Rock Star Uncle

1.  Give piggy back rides
2.  Sit on them and flatten them into a pancake
4.  Make cool forts together
5.  Do a magic trick (c'mon you can google something easy!)
6.  Sneak candy before dinner
7.  Call them something funny like "Larry" or "Pickles"
8.  Do strange things like roll on the floor laughing hysterically when someone tells a silly joke
9. Give lots of hugs and a million tickles
10. Let them use your arms as a coloring book or activity center. (ok...this may require some tattoos!:) 

P.S My brother REALLY is a rock star..he is the bass player for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts..and he's super cool too!


  1. He sounds like just about the best Uncle ever! What a fun post. Your daughter is adorable.

  2. thanks so much! yeah....he is pretty cool!

  3. far out! he sounds awesome - not only bc he's jamming with joan jett, which is pretty damn cool!