Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why My Toddler is Smarter than Me

This morning I got up and headed out the door to go to the gym.  I realized I was too late to hit the class I wanted to go to so I decided to just work out on my own at the gym.  I almost got to the gym and realized I forgot my ear buds (which is a necessity for me!). Instead of getting mad, I decided to think like my 1 year old daughter, Jacklyn who makes the best of most situations. 
I admit one is not my favorite age for children but there is so much I admire about toddlers. Toddlers can adapt to situations by jumping from one activity to another and being easily I decided to distract myself...get a coffee at the store and head back home to get my ear buds and start my day again.  Not a big deal.
Then I saw this video on smart is this toddler???
This toddler thought "outside the box" (pun intended) and found an easier way to solve her problem! 
She couldn't fit the peg into the hole so she came up with an easier way!  How many times do we do this in our lives?  How many times have you tried to get a person to see something the way you see it or get your child to do something just the way you want only to create a stressful situation for yourself?  I know I do this all the time!
But why can't we think the way toddlers think?  Why do we put up so much resistance and create our own stress.  Did you ever try to pick up a resisting toddler and have them completely relax their muscles and slip through your hands?  Yes, they have learned that if they relax their muscles they can get out of going where they don't want to go! How genius!  Maybe instead of trying to be so smart about everything we do we should just learn from our toddlers and relax or find an easier way to solve our problems.  Maybe life isn't always as complicated as it seems!


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