Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to be a BADASS mom

Why am I a badass mom?
Well, if you know anything about me, you're probably expecting me to say the following (but keep reading)

Completing the Tough Mudder...

Getting shocked by electrical wires...

Jumping off a cliff..

Getting my blackbelt in martial arts..

You might even guess that I would say I'm a badass because I went through a divorce.

But I don't think being a badass mom has to do with any of those things...

Being a badass is about integrity.  It's about saying no often and fighting for all the amazing things that are awesome in life.  Being a badass is about childbirth, giving timeouts, fighting for a marriage, fighting for peace after divorce, respecting people that aren't respectful back, handling difficult family members, making time to volunteer, grieving the loss of loved ones, biting your tongue, potty training while sick as a dog, finding strength for a crying child in the middle of the night when you're exhausted, teething, juggling dinner while the kids are fighting, breastfeeding, not spending money you don't have, being patient when you really want to scream, staying positive when your feeling empty, and not falling to the victim status when you feel like life is beating you up.

The truth is that I know so many bad ass moms that have no idea the strength that they possess.  They wouldn't consider themselves a badass...but they are..

Being a badass is about finding GUMPTION.  It's about keeping your head held high, and fighting for what you want and what's in the best interest of their children.

DISCLAIMER: My badass title could be revoked (on may occasions)


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