Tuesday, June 3, 2014

C'mon Kate...wear underwear

Dear Kate,
OK...I admit it...
I goggled (and found) the pictures of your tush while you were walking out of a helicopter last weekend and I have this to say....

We need to talk. 

I love you.  Seriously I do.  You are one of the few celebrities that I follow and adore.  I believe you are one of the greatest fashion icons in recent decades this century. I love your style and I was obsessed with your wedding a few years back.  I remember DVRing the whole wedding and even hosted a tea party and went crazy with fun treats and hats for all the ladies and my daughter.  I remember the excitement...it was like reliving my own wedding! I've always liked your sophistication and classy style (and still do!)
When I heard about your wardrobe malfunction, I have to admit, I was disappointed!  OK, I realize that wardrobe malfunctions can happen.  
We all remember Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction on live t.v (which left us gasping and wondering if it was on purpose).  

Apparently, even your mother in law, Princess Di accidentally wore a see through skirt in the 80's..

and Paris Hilton had a wardrobe malfunction (and of course she wasn't wearing any underwear) but Kate Middleton, I have to say, I'm a little disappointed.  
I'm glad that you will now have a 24 hour 'panty protector' bodyguard (true story..how many men would love to have that job?!)
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you may have been wearing a thong or maybe you were worried about panty lines (I've been there) but as a Princess...a mom...and someone who knows she will be near a helicopter...
C'mon Kate.  Wear underwear.


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