Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mommy Minute: Setting healthy boundaries

If your house was robbed, the legal system will ONLY protect you if there was proof of forced entry but if your house was unlocked then there is no protection and insurance will not cover what was lost.  SO, my question to you is what doors are you leaving unlocked in your life? Do you value yourself enough to lock some doors when necessary? Here are a few ideas that have helped me a long the way.

1.  Keeping people at a distance may feel unkind but it's really not.  While going through a divorce I have had people keep ME at a distance and honestly I understand why they did it.  They are still my friends but they weren't the ones capable of helping me at the time.  I get it.  I understand that successful, happy people know that setting limits is essential for keeping their sanity.  It's something we all must do.

2.  Listening to motivational PodCasts. Here are a few podcasts that really motivate and inspire me.

Jeff Sanders 5am miracle. Jeff is so inspiring and enthusiastic.  Even if this podcast doesn't make you JUMP out of bed at 5am, you can still benefit from his awesome productivity tips, great interviews, and ideas that will make you question what you can do better in your life.

This is your life. Michael Hyatt is such an amazing speaker and coach.  He has lived a life of tremendous success and he shares all his tips for happiness, fulfillment, and success.  I really love this guy!

Kick Ass Dad.  Michael Mataluni is an amazing Dad with some great ideas and questions to make you think about you life, parenting, and your family.  He offers a wide variety of interviews with thought provoking questions and answers.

3.  Assess your social media involvement.  Who are you following on social media and how do they make you feel?  If some posts really make you feel down, it may be time to unfollow someone for a little while (they will never know).

Now it's your turn!! Tell me how you create healthy boundaries in your life?  Also, I would love to hear what podcasts you love in the comments below!

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